Providing tax services to cryptocurrency investors, Crypto Nite Tax was a newly formed company that came to Engage Web for a new website.

The company has a broad range of clients, from people who live and breathe cryptocurrency to those who are just dipping their toes in the water, so both the site and the content had to cater to all of the audiences. As tax can be viewed as somewhat of a stiff topic, it was really important to the Crypto Nite team that a friendly, informal approachable was conveyed through the site, especially within the content. It was agreed that the content would be written as though talking to a friend, with humour and slang terms like “brew” and “cuppa” included.

In terms of the design itself, orange was added to the existing brand colours for impact, using a colour palette to ensure that it worked with the two shades of blue. An illustration-led design was chosen to give a modern look to the site while reinforcing the friendly, local feel Crypto Nite Tax wished to convey.

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