Here are some of the infographics we have completed recently at Engage Web. You can click on each infographic to view its own page and see how we suggest presenting them on a website, and the sharing options available.

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    Top 10 Lubricant-Producing Nations
    Oil Store
    Five ways small businesses waste money
    The 10 Best Fictional Cars
    Car Leasing Online
    Eight of the worst computer viruses ever to hit the headlines
    Acumin Consulting
    8 Most Horrendous Fictional Plagues
    Which Car is Right for You?
    Car Leasing Online
    The changes to your salary infographic
    Acumin Consulting
    How Underfloor Heating Works Infographic
    Underfloor Heating Store
    Antique furniture of the Victorian and Edwardian periods
    Christian Davies
    Food Service Challenge
    GS1 UK
    Value of Office Space
    How Invoice Factoring Works
    PS Finance
    Content Engagement
    Engage Web
    Guide to Profitable Discoveries Infographic
    Christian Davies
    ‘What is your beer glass personality?’ Infographic
    Alliance Online
    Barbecue in the UK Infographic
    Albert Matthews
    Office Space Infographic
    Number One Ranked Players Infographic
    Custom Snooker
    The Brew Cards Game Infographic
    Engage Web
    CeMAP Training Infographic
    Beacon Financial Training
    Demystifying SEO Infographic
    Engage Web
    Social Network User’s Fire Safety Notice
    Engage Web
    Child Support Agency Infographic
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