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Do you want a fancy animation to promote your business? You don’t need to be Walt Disney or Edwin Catmull (he co-founded Pixar, honest) to be able to have one!

Since the invention of the microchip the process of animation has changed considerably. Originally an animation required a team of people working long hours to produce 24 unique drawings, complete with background cells, just to produce one second of screen time.

Equally, ‘stop motion animation’, such as that seen on Nick Park’s ‘Wallace and Gromit’, can take a whole day just to produce a single second, with animators making painstaking movements to the models to create the illusion of life for the camera. All of this made animation a very expensive process, and put it far outside of the reach of most businesses.

Now, thanks to computers, animation is a much simpler and cheaper process and can be used by businesses to promote themselves online regardless of their size or budget.

What could you use an animation for?

Animated videos could be used to promote

• Infographic content
• Case studies
• Testimonials
• Products / services – such as how a service works
• Your office/store locations
• Your company history
• What makes you different from your competitors

At Engage Web we love animation, and we don’t just mean we sit around watching cartoons all day. Here are some examples of animated videos we have produced.

Of course, animation doesn’t just need to take the form of a video – it can be incorporated into your website as part of the design. For example, did you see the weather in the header of our website? If not, have a read of this. Animation can be produced using a combination of CSS, JQuery and JavaScript to make it dynamic and specific to your website’s visitors based on things such as their location, the time of day or, indeed, the weather.

To find out how an animated video could help your business, give us a call on 0345 621 4321 or drop us an email via our contact form.


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