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    Web Services: does your website work hard for you?

    Design – Development – Tools – eCommerce

    Web services is an all-encompassing term that describes not only how a website looks and what it does, but what it says about your business and how your customers view and interact with you.

    At Engage Web, we understand the importance that web services play in conjunction with Internet marketing.

    Online marketing does a lot of things for a website. It’s about aligning a website with the needs of both users and search engines, building an authority and attracting as much of the right traffic as possible.

    Yet Internet marketing can only do so much. You can attract as much traffic as you like, rank as high as you can for all sorts of key terms, become a Google News Publisher, ensure your reputation and online PR is as clean as possible – but if your website fails to deliver then that traffic is only going to bounce away.

    What you need is results.

    Accessibility – Usability – Speed – Manageability – Commercial Results

    At Engage Web, we will work with you from day one to understand your objectives, in terms of how you want your website to look, the way you want to present your brand, how you want your website to function and how you want your customers to interact with you.

    We will also advise you on the latest Web 2.0 technologies and help you to determine the best tools to achieve those goals. Whether it’s a website re-design, website development, web tools or microsites, we can deliver the results you need using a combination of our web services below:

    Web Design: website design is more than just the look of the site; it is your online marketing tool. It should be easy to use for both first time visitors and regulars and generate the business you need to see

    Web Tools: the most ‘sticky’ websites that keep visitors coming back again and again are full of web tools or even just one big web tool. Web tools transform a website and almost every business can benefit from these invaluable website additions. Get your customers hooked

    eCommerce: one of the most affluent markets worldwide, eCommerce is an area all too easy to get wrong. An eCommerce site should be fast, safe and easy to use. From search to shop, the whole process should be clean and clear

    Web Development: a multi-disciplined area, website development covers all the above and more. Taking into account content, usability, accessibility, speed, optimisation, visibility and reach, the most successful websites have a long term web development plan

    Does your website offer the whole package your business needs?

    Speak to our team at Engage Web and see how our web services can grow your business online.

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