Web development community gears up for Blue Beanie Day

    Posted on November 28, 2013


    Saturday will see the people across the world mark the 7th annual Blue Beanie Day, where designers and developers don blue beanies or caps to show their support for web standards.

    Every year there are more web technologies for the development community to support and without standards, the internet could eventually grow to resemble the Wild West. With browser support for features being disparate and random, the standards and the W3C have provided guidelines on the correct use and syntax of each web element.

    There are still some issues to overcome, as features of CSS3 are being experimented with and browser support can be quite different. Internet explorer has always lagged behind when it comes to supporting the latest standards and although this is a tired and overused statement, it still rings true today. Safari has always stood above the rest when it comes to support but the bleeding edge is not always the best place from which to develop.

    The W3C has renewed its efforts to help bring the web into line. Its new ‘Test the Web Forward’ site has a plethora of tools and facilities to help designers and developers ensure their websites and applications are meeting the current standards.

    So on Saturday, be sure to show support for the W3C and web standards by donning a blue beanie and wearing it with pride – knowing you are supporting the people who will help to make the web a better place for designers.

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