Web content – cheap isn’t cheerful

Web content – cheap isn’t cheerful

When you take a client out to lunch, you’re probably not going to stick them in the staff kitchen with a Pot Noodle (no disrespect to Pot Noodles mind, they’re actually quite tasty when you’re starving). It’s fairly unlikely that you’ll take them down the local caf for a greasy plate of eggs and beans either. Even grabbing a sandwich from M&S isn’t likely to be good enough. When you want to impress a business connection, you don’t go for cheap and cheerful, as your would-be client isn’t going to be too cheerful after it.

So why is it that so many businesses buy web content that’s the equivalent of no-brand meat sandwich paste? Web content is an important part of search engine optimisation, but due to the amounts involved, many websites go for the cheapest option. Far from providing the quality, well-written content that most SEO plans need, these site owners are filling their websites with junk food.

Investing in good content achieves things beyond SEO, helping marketing goals and fostering customer loyalty. When you source ultra-cheap web content, though, you’re not likely to get quality work. Errors slip through, keywords aren’t blended in as effectively and the whole thing comes out looking awkward, bland and ineffective.

When thinking about content for your SEO, try to think of it as offering each potential customer a tasty little morsel. For most businesses, the affordable range of web content will be in the Pret a Manger area – nothing fancy, but not completely bottom-of-the-line. Providing good content for your site is one of the most important SEO jobs you can do. Don’t offer your customers a spam sandwich – they won’t appreciate it, and neither will Google.

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