We are interested to increase traffic to your website

We are interested to increase traffic to your website

If you have ever read that sentence before, the chances are you have received a spam email from a less than credible company offering their SEO services. Emails such as this are sent to businesses every day, and as an SEO company with a large number of our own websites, we receive dozens of these emails each day – all from different email addresses.

When these emails are sent via contact forms, or using Whois details, they don’t come from the actual company offering the services; they come from an email address created specifically to spam you, from a made up name. It could be a hotmail address, Yahoo or even Google’s Gmail, but if you replied to it you would receive a reply from the real company’s website and email address.

Of course, using spam tactics such as this are illegal and against the CAN-SPAM Act – this is why they use made up email addresses in the first place. Any company that does this is already demonstrating that they do not use ethical methods to attract business, so what would they do should they get their hands on your website? They could employ all manner of dodgy, black hat SEO techniques that could see your site banned, and could even use your website for link building to their clients – which does happen!

Just in case you haven’t received this email, here is the message in full. Watch out for it and delete it if you ever receive it.

We are interested to increase traffic to your website, please get back to us in order to discuss the possibility in further detail.

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