Wall Street re-visited

Wall Street re-visited

Oliver Stone’s eagerly anticipated sequel to the 1987 film Wall Street turns out to be something of a disappointment, not living up to the labyrinthine twists of the original. Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is released from prison and plots his revenge on former associates, using young trader Jacob Moor (Shia LaBoeuf). Despite dealing with intriguing contemporary issues such as renewable energy and the sub-prime financial crash of 2008, the story never really gets going and loses its way in a variety of sub-plots and a weak romantic thread.

Web sites that fail to deliver in content and excitement quickly lose customers. Human nature is forever seeking something new and stimulating so it is essential that a business website delivers. As in Wall Street, an unforgiving environment is deadly to those who drop their standards and forget these basics. Like the bullish floor traders on the Stock Exchange, keeping up with current trends and demonstrating that ability in the marketplace is vital.

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