Vodafone launches social media-led engagement strategy

Posted on December 9, 2013


Telecoms giant Vodafone has unveiled its plans to kick-start a new brand engagement strategy with an innovative fireworks event in London on New Year’s Eve.

The UK-based firm, which is one of the largest and most widely recognised brand names in the world, is set to focus on using social media platforms throughout 2014 to boost the experience of its customers.

Vodafone Firsts will see the company distance itself from the sponsorship approach it currently works with to use sites like Facebook and Twitter to build “much deeper” relationships with its users, of whom there are more than 400 million.

The campaign will highlight some of the major achievements of its users – particularly those involving Vodafone’s own technology. These feats, once identified, will be categorised into three tiers, across 30 countries.

With the Personal, Local and Global groups, Vodafone hopes to record a number of significant ‘firsts’. Some of the upcoming achievements include an “iconic sportswoman” helping vulnerable women across the world, a musician recording new material with a range of sounds from remote locations, and a conductor using “revolutionary” techniques to lead an orchestra.

The initiative will start officially on New Year’s Eve, with a multi-sensory firework display taking place in the capital. The event, which has been organised with involvement from London Mayor Boris Johnson, is expected to attract thousands. Vodafone will also be launching a smartphone app to allow people across the world to join in and receive updates in their news feeds.

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