Virgin Atlantic to equip concierge staff with Google’s smart specs

Virgin Atlantic to equip concierge staff with Google’s smart specs

British airline firm Virgin Atlantic has revealed that it plans to introduce a scheme in which Upper Class employees will be equipped with Google Glass.

The airline’s Upper Class Wing concierge staff will use Google Glass – along with other examples of wearable technology – in a pilot scheme lasting six weeks.

Equipped with the smart specs, the Virgin Atlantic workers will provide passengers with weather updates, flight information, and details regarding local events near the flight’s destination.

If the wearable technology passes its pilot stage, the airline may use it going forward to help staff identify passengers’ refreshment preferences and dietary requirements.

Additionally, as part of the scheme at London’s Heathrow airport, Virgin Atlantic will test iBeacon – a new Bluetooth transmitter capable of notifying any iOS devices nearby of discounts and services available, as well as providing any boarding schedule updates.

The firm’s IT director, Dave Bulman, said:

“While it’s fantastic that more people can now fly than ever before, the fact that air travel has become so accessible has led to some of the sheen being lost for many passengers.

“By being the first in the industry to test how Google Glass and other wearable technology can improve customer experience, we are upholding Virgin Atlantic’s long tradition of shaking things up and putting innovation at the heart of the flying experience.”

As the use of wearable technology becomes more widespread, it may be the case that companies with an internet marketing strategy in place may have to adopt an even more responsive approach to webdesign – as people access sites through screens of varying size and design.

Richard is a Web Content Editor at Engage Web. He has had work published in a number of independent magazines and spends much of his spare time writing short stories.

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