Vine’s new counter to send users loopy

Vine’s new counter to send users loopy

Social networking app Vine has created a new feature which will allow users to count how many times people have viewed their content.

This new feature is the video sharing service’s latest way of allowing users to measure the popularity and validity of the content they upload, and is considered to be an alternative to features from other social platforms, such as ‘likes’, favourites, shares and views.

The service, which is owned by popular social platform Twitter, lets users post videos to the site and plays them in a continual loop. It has created and introduced a count function whereby users can view how many loops a video has recorded, in a similar fashion to YouTube views, with a counter being located in the bottom corner of the video.

However, unlike conventional methods of calculating the number of views, one click will not be considered a loop. It is only counted if a viewer clicks on a link and the content successfully completes two loops, which are then added to the counter.

Users of the app will now be able to determine the success of their videos in a completely different way. The only way of measuring popularity prior to the introduction of this function was based on the number of ‘likes’ and ‘revines’ videos receive.

According to online news providers, the company has been testing this feature for the last couple of months and has introduced it to both desktop and mobile versions of the app. It sends users a notification when the counter reaches certain milestones, such as 100 views.

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