Vanity URLs for verified users of Google+

Posted on August 21, 2012


A number of verified Google+ users will be given a vanity URL so that the plus.google.com link can be customised. Some celebrities and brands which are verified will be given the eye catching, shorter URLs which are memorable. Some of those include Britney Spears, Delta, Toyota and Ubisoft.

The search engine giant has also got a vanity URL – google.com/+googleplus. The introduction of vanity URLs is to make it easier for people to find other users that share the same interests and make it simpler to search the Google+ profile. Others to receive vanity URLs are David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Hugo Boss. Another move by Google is the removal of http://plus when searching for a profile. Users only have to type google.com/+hughjackman in their browser when looking for the latest posts of Hugh Jackman.

The vanity URLs are only being given to a selected few but will distribute the URLs to more verified individuals and brands at a later date. The move by Google could have an impact on the search engine optimisation of a company’s website, making some SEO jobs much more complex. However, some social networking sites introduced vanity URLs previously, including MySpace and Facebook. Three years ago, Facebook let users create personalised URLs with their own user name, making it easier for other users to locate them. Users with over 1,000 fans or a Facebook profile could customise their social network.

This could be a huge development for all businesses worldwide, from Chester to California.

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