Using tools as sales aids

Using tools as sales aids

Even now, when I speak to clients and potential clients about web tools, some still see them as a novelty.

This is perhaps because they have spent time on other sites messing about with web tools and not really gone that much farther after using them.

Well, firstly, they spent more time on those sites than they normally would have – this is a major plus for sites as readers of our blog will know by now. However, as is the case with a lot of tools out there, they are great to use but then do not lead the user down a path to a sale or introduction of the site’s key services.

This is where the value of Stuck On is seen by our clients – the monetisation of the tools once built. Having the best tool in your industry is sometimes not enough. Having the best tool that gets your visitors thinking about how your products best suit them or indeed that they now know which of your products/services best fits their business or daily life is.

So, web tools – make them have an end goal to aid sales.

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