Using social media to find a job

Using social media to find a job

Social media has become a useful tool for jobseekers and employers who are looking for the best candidate for a job. To supplement your efforts to find work, social media can allow you to build a reputation as a thoughtful, trustworthy and respected member of the community. Employers occasionally use social media sites to check out a job candidate, rather than relying totally upon the Curriculum Vitae.

Employers are also increasingly advertising vacancies for positions on social media pages, which is useful for jobseekers. Contributing to a blog will also present an opportunity to build a reputation. However, there are some things to avoid if you want to be viewed in a professional light. Poor grammar and spelling skills will be glaringly obvious to any employer, and will present a careless and unprofessional attitude. The use of capital letters throughout your text is viewed as ‘shouting’ which puts the reader off. It is essential to be aware of the content in your posts, as extreme political views or slurs against former employers or colleagues will make a potential employer wary of you.

The way you present yourself on the Internet can have a lasting impression on readers, giving an image which affects how you are viewed. Your website has the same effect on visitors who are looking for information. Web copy which is grammatically incorrect, full of spelling errors and poorly set out will present an unprofessional image. Content outsourcing to a professional writer or SEO copywriter will ensure that a professional image is created, whilst providing web content which is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

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