Using social media to build a valuable audience

Using social media to build a valuable audience

If you’ve taken the time and effort to produce high-quality content, you will want a sizeable and relevant audience to share it with. After all, the best content in the world cannot generate results if no one ever reads it.

So, what will attract a valuable audience? Sure, it’s important to maintain a high level of quality, and some research suggests that certain content tends to get shared more, such as case studies and “how tos” in the B2B world. It will also be easier to attract people if your brand is already liked and respected.

While all these factors play an important role, research by the American Press Institute revealed that Americans reshared content based more on who shared it with them rather than who created the original content. This means a suitable audience can be a valuable asset.

Those who already follow you make up your first circle of fans. The challenge you then have is to break through to the second circle (the followers of the first circle) and the third circle (the followers of the second circle) of fans. A determining factor in this is your first circle; for example, are they likely to have followers that are also relevant to your brand? Are they trusted by their followers?

When it comes to building a valuable audience for a website news feed, forget about shady schemes to inflate follower numbers. Only genuine, valuable followers will be any use to you. You’ll then want to create the sort of content they find hard to miss, as well as engage with them regularly to create a more personal connection.

Of course, not all your followers will have the power to push your content through the second circle, but if you identify those who can, you can form even closer relationships by engaging with their own posts.

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