Using SMO as part of your web strategy

Using SMO as part of your web strategy

As part of your overall web strategy, we strongly suggest the use of social media optimisation (SMO).

Let’s say we have a client that we are writing industry news for.  Whilst this content will help to ensure that more people will mention the site via a digg, or a stumble, we also encourage our clients to build blogs/links via services such as bimbl and tumblr.

What are bimbl and tumblr?

These are known as micoblogs – a simple blogging system where you can create and use a blog within seconds of hitting the home page of the site.  Give your suggested URL, username, password and email and away you go.

For example, you could be using a URL such as www.bimbl.com/officespace that can contain information about your chosen subject, with an optimised URL and the odd link to your site.

As Google and other search engines include bimbl and tumblr pages in their own index, it helps to get your own site indexed that much more at the same time, helping Google to improve your own site rankings

We feel that more sites such as tumblr will become more popular in the future which means that premium URLs will become less available, so join up now and get SMOing.

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