Using Facebook for recruitment

Using Facebook for recruitment

There was a time when in order to get a job you had to trawl through the newspapers and hit the streets, knocking on doors and asking questions. That all changed with the Internet as recruitment agencies and job websites offered job hunters the chance to search through thousands of jobs, all advertised in one place.

This meant great choice for job seekers, but it also meant expense for the employers. Many recruitment agencies charge around one month’s salary of the employ that they place, which in the current financial climate can be an awful lot of money.

Things have changed though, and as job seekers begin to heavily outweigh the jobs that are available, employers are sidestepping the recruitment agencies and job websites in favour of a more direct, cheaper approach. Websites such as Facebook are being used to advertise for new employees, and we don’t mean Facebook’s PPC system.

No, instead employers such as Razor Suleman from Toronto are using Facebook, and their employee’s status updates, to advertise for new staff. Mr Suleman gives the job details to his current staff and they use websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to post those details.

The savings alone of using this method are staggering, as Mr Suleman estimates that using conventional advertising methods to fill his 17 vacancies would cost him in the region of $260,000.

Is it any wonder that job site Monster is diversifying from being just a job hunting website to now also offering career advice?

The way we look for work is once again changing.

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