Using content to fight injustice

Using content to fight injustice

The power of original, well written content on the Internet should never be underestimated. The Internet is a free marketplace for thoughts, ideas and complaints, and allows people to reach an almost limitless audience.

Where once you would have to write a letter of complaint to an organisation or company if you felt you have been wronged, and required someone to respond to you in order to get any resolution, you can now take control of the situation yourself through content. Anyone from a retired school teacher to a ten year old boy with a PC can take on the might of big business with the use a blog and an axe to grind.

For example, using the power of the Internet, content and social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter you can voice your opinions and be heard. With SEO you can make sure that your thoughts are seen by tens of thousands, maybe more, by ranking in Google for search queries related to your complaint.

You no longer need to pen an angry letter and hope someone important reads it. You can now make certain than important people read it, potential customers of the business in question; the most important people of all.

All through content.

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