Use your own websites to practice SEO

Use your own websites to practice SEO

You can read an awful lot of websites offering tips on SEO. You can read countless forum threads and posts saying what you should and should not do. You can even buy books, ebooks and hire consultants to tell you the best SEO techniques. However, all of this theory is fine, but without any practice, you have no idea whether any of it works.

Practicing on your own company website can be risky though. If you put into practice a tip that you’ve picked up on an SEO forum, and that tip turns out to be a black hat SEO tactic, or just hearsay, then you could end up doing your website some serious damage in the search engine rankings.

You shouldn’t practice on your own company website; mistakes can be very, very costly indeed.

Instead, a good idea is to use your own personal websites to practice SEO techniques. It’s a good idea to have several websites of your own if your business is online. They can be personal websites about your hobbies, websites for your family, or even websites related to your business. You can use these websites for links to your company website, as well as for experimenting on with SEO.

Using websites for SEO experiments is the best way to learn new techniques and perfect your SEO ability. Indeed, many SEO companies looking to hire SEO programmers wouldn’t really consider a candidate who didn’t have the wherewithal to practice SEO on their own websites. Anyone who is genuinely interested in SEO will be putting into practice what they read about.

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