Use your ‘downtime’ to write content for your website

Use your ‘downtime’ to write content for your website

Business owners often complain that they haven’t got time to write content for their website, even when they acknowledge how important content is for their SEO. Some business owners even believe that no one else can write about their industry because it is so specific and requires such an in-depth knowledge. The consequences of these two beliefs are that websites remain untouched, unloved, for many weeks and months in the sense that they receive no updates.

This is bad for your website because visitors will not see any changes in your content and it’s bad because Google will not perceive your website as a regularly updated resource, one that should be returned in the SERPs higher than your competitors.

However, no matter how busy you are running your business you’ll always experience some downtime where you could be writing content for your website, or thinking up ideas for your staff to write about. You could be sat in traffic, broken down at the side of the road or on a long train or plane journey. If you have a Dictaphone or a laptop with you, you’re able to get your ideas down and create the sort of content that Google will index and offer up to its users when they’re searching for information surrounding your industry.

Don’t waste your downtime, use it wisely and create content for your website.

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