Use PPC for link building leads

Use PPC for link building leads

The major problem with pay per click has always been that once the campaign has run its course, the benefits also stop. Site owners have long looked for a way to stretch their investment with PPC. What many don’t think about is how their PPC could be used to generate entirely free market exposure and SEO benefits.

If there’s one thing that pay per click has going for it, it’s the specificity with which ads are placed. When everything’s working well, your ad should appear on a page that has a thematic link. This results in an increased likelihood of a click, which benefits both you and the host site. It also can result in a slew of link building leads that you can use once your campaign has finished.

What to do

All you need is a friendly approach. Your ad should be seen as a conversation opener from which a relationship can be built. Contact the site owner, and lead on from talk about their site into what you could do for links.

Once you’ve made contact, the usual link-building relationship rules apply. Offer things of value in return for a link. Good suggestions to make include an offer to guest blog about your experience in your industry, or offering to sponsor some kind of competition with your services or products as the prize. The benefits to your search engine optimisation plan should flow in.

The benefits of PPC don’t have to end when your campaign does. Add PPC investigations to your usual SEO jobs.

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