Unsplash launches official WordPress plugin – a game-changer?

Unsplash launches official WordPress plugin – a game-changer?

Last week saw stock image site Unsplash release an official WordPress plugin that connects its entire image library with WordPress’s block editor.

Unsplash has a library of over one million high-resolution stock images – completely free of charge. The new plugin, which was co-developed with XWP, allows users to seamlessly add images to their site without even needing to leave the WordPress dashboard.

The project has been described by Luke Chesser, co-founder of Unsplash, as “bringing the internet’s image library to the internet’s publishing platform”. As for the motivation behind the project, Chesser said:

“With so many publishers being powered by WordPress, we saw a repeated need for a high-quality integration that could be shared by all of the publishers. In order to best serve them, we needed to offer something that we could ensure met their needs both now and in the future.”

The plugin is ideal for small-scale blogs and large businesses alike. Users can browse Unsplash images inside the block editor, and when images are selected, they are downloaded and added directly to the media library. Alt description info and attribution are automatically completed too, providing a quick, easy and efficient process for sourcing, inserting and attributing images – all within a single window.

Sarah Gooding, upon testing the plugin, said:

“The plugin handles everything for the user invisibly in the background, and its integration with the block editor makes it feel like a natural part of WordPress.”

Images are key for attracting attention and engaging viewers of your website. As WordPress powers over 37% of the top 10 million websites as ranked by Alexa, this plugin could be a game-changer for the industry, providing ease of access and saving the time and hassle of outsourcing images from stock image websites.

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