UK waterways to feature on Google Maps

Posted on June 23, 2012


Google is to make it easier for people in the UK to experience the waterways of England and Wales by mapping towpaths. To try and encourage more people in the UK to enjoy the canals and rivers around England and Wales, Google has launched a new project to include towpaths on Google Maps.

Google Maps will feature the UK waterways later on in the year, with 2000 miles of river and canal routes across the country to be included. It will soon be possible for people to plan their journeys to include the many bridges and locks on the waterways. The new project has been launched in conjunction with the Canal and River Trust; the trust will be the new body responsible for the rivers and canals in the UK. The Canal and River Trust is set to take over from the British Waterways and the Waterways Trust across England and Wales, becoming responsible for wildlife habitats and the nation’s listed structures collection.

Google continues to be integral to the search process, whether a user is looking for stores in Liverpool or attempting to plan a journey across the UK, taking a scenic route. Businesses recognise the importance of Google in their SEO campaign.

Speaking about the project, a Google UK geospatial technologist, Ed Parsons said:

“Canal towpaths offer green routes through our towns and cities, and by working with the Canal and River Trust we’re adding towpaths to Google Maps and encouraging people to discover their local waterway.”

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