UK leads the way as a digital nation

Posted on January 2, 2013


According to recent research carried out by Ofcom, the UK leads the way when it comes to watching TV programmes and shopping on the internet. The International Communications Market report is based on studies conducted across 17 countries, with the results indicating that the UK is “one of the first all-digital” countries. Nearly a quarter of internet users in the UK admit to viewing TV programmes on the internet, especially with the availability of various catch-up services.

The US came in at second place, with only 17 per cent using this service, while only 16 per cent of Spanish users access TV content on the internet. The average number of hours spent watching TV in the UK is 242 minutes, while the US average is 293 minutes. Italy came second in the study, watching an average of 253 minutes. The UK has the highest concentration of smartphones, with 57 per cent claiming ownership, while 15 per cent of UK consumers own a Smart TV.

UK consumers download more data onto tablets and mobiles than any other nation, with a higher take-up of mobile devices in the UK. More than one fifth of UK consumers visit retail sites using a mobile device, while people in the UK also spend more online than any other country, with the average spend £1,083 per person.

This study may prove to be of interest to people with SEO careers, as search engine optimisation strategies will change according to the behaviour of UK consumers. The SEO campaign of a company is constantly changing to meet the requirements of e-commerce.

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