UK copywriters must consider geography

    Posted on January 28, 2010


    During the 1990s, the internet appeared to some to be part of an unstoppable juggernaut: globalisation. National boundaries seemed less relevant as communication and trade became revolutionised by technological progress. However, as the tensions in the globalisation have become evident there has been a renewed appreciation of the local area too and many SMEs use the internet to provide information on local goods and services. The question here is how should UK copywriters write geographically sensitive content?

    UK copywriters must obviously consider the nature of the firm they are writing for. The size of the firm, its ambitions and the geographical scale of its activities are key considerations. For example, a content writer working on behalf of a catering firm in Wolverhampton has to write content which is appropriate for the context. Looking at what its local competitors are up to is an obvious step to take. The content should be tailored to what potential clients are likely to be interested in. By focusing on these matters and by providing content which is optimised for the search engines, some progress should be attained.

    It is possible, however, that a content writer can concentrate too exclusively on the local. The catering firm in Wolverhampton may have opportunities to pursue on a regional scale and therefore it is important not to develop a restricted vision. While the global market can probably be ignored for now, the national level should not necessarily be neglected. Why shouldn’t the firm have national aspirations?

    If you are having difficulties in generating high quality content which negotiates the dilemmas posed by economic geography, consulting professional UK copywriters may help.

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