Twitter to introduce purchasing feature

Posted on August 7, 2014


Popular social network Twitter has suggested it could be launching a new feature that would allow its users to purchase products by clicking on certain tweets.

News suppliers have been informed that a proportion of users on the Android mobile platform of the service have noticed a new option appearing in their settings labelled as “Payment and Shipping”. However, this particular option has not gone live as yet, with users who have selected this option finding that nothing happens at present.

Although this feature is not yet fully functional, it does suggest that the social site is planning to implement a new internet marketing strategy that would see the service move to tweet-based shopping.

This comes following the site’s partnership with online retailer Amazon that sees shoppers adding items they wish to save for later viewing by tweeting the hashtag #ShoppingBasket, which adds the item in the related tweet to their Amazon shopping basket without the need for the user to leave the social network.

Twitter is not the only social networking site to test out an integrated shopping feature; earlier this year, rival Facebook also tested out a button through which users could buy items directly from ads that appear in their newsfeeds.

It is evident that both of these social giants wish to add e-commerce strategies to their plans and adapt their reputations to become multi-functional websites with varied capabilities, attracting more users to their services and dominating many different online sectors.

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  • Jeremy Owens says:

    This could be a big move in digital marketing especially for those companies yet to join the likes of FB or Twitter.

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