Twitter to introduce news initiative

Posted on June 23, 2015


Social networking site Twitter it set to unveil a new feature aiming to provide users with a better way of finding the information they are searching for.

Currently, the microblogging platform has identified that a large number of its users are no longer using the site as a means of communicating with other users, but rather using it as an online news supplier. Members are following accounts they believe will provide them with the breaking news that they are looking for, and combining this with trending subjects and hashtags to have all the information they desire appearing in their newsfeeds.

This most recent strategy, named Project Lightning, will see the company introduce a new button to the home page alongside the notifications icon, which will take users to a screen showcasing various events that Twitter users are talking about.

The content appearing on this new screen will include prescheduled events, like the Rugby World Cup or the Oscars. As well as this, it will cover breaking news stories, such as the Nepalese earthquake. Here, users will be able to access and browse through a collection of photos, tweets, and videos relating to the subject.

Users will then be able to merge this with their regular newsfeed by clicking a ‘follow’ button, and can even track their progress within this news, which will be symbolised by a lightning bolt, the symbol of this initiative.

Project Lightning will be tested on mobile platforms in the near future, and if deemed successful, could be rolled out across all platforms, which could be the start of a new direction for the social site.

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