Twitter tests out ads in tweet replies

Twitter tests out ads in tweet replies

Users of Twitter may start to see ads displayed in a different way on the platform – in between replies to tweets.

As reported by The Verge, according to Bruce Falk, Twitter’s Revenue Product Lead, this new way of displaying ads will align incentives for advertisers and creators, and the ads will appear second, fourth and ninth in the stream of replies to an individual tweet, thus providing more opportunities for businesses to get their ads seen on Twitter.

Falk shared a video of what these new ads look like via a tweet:

These ads may be more likely to be read and processed, particularly when it comes to long threads of replies that people get invested in, such as the thread of replies that stemmed from Hellmann’s controversial mayo and coffee tweet last week, or the more infamous tweet frenzy seen after Weetabix suggested the cereal should be served with baked beans earlier on this year.

Falk did also reveal that the decision to display ads in this way isn’t set in stone. To determine their performance and impact on the Twitter community, the social media giant will be testing out several aspects of the new ads, including their layout and frequency, over the next few months.

The new ads are being tested out worldwide, and will appear on both iOS and Android devices. However, it seems as though the test isn’t being rolled out to all users at once, with The Verge’s Jay Peters reporting he cannot yet see these ads, and a look on Engage Web’s Twitter account revealing similarly ad-less threads of replies.

Twitter has been on a roll this year with releasing new money-making features for its users, with these new ads joining the likes of its new tipping feature Tips, its audio rooms offering Ticketed Spaces, the Super Follow option and its newsletter tool Revue.

These tools are just some of many that creators and businesses can use to make money on the web. If you’d like to maximise your online presence and earn money through digital marketing, speak to our team at Engage Web today – we’d be happy to help.


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