Twitter tests collaborative tweet option

Twitter tests collaborative tweet option

Twitter has become the latest social media platform to test out a collaborative post offering.

First kicked off by the short-form video sharing platform TikTok, and then adopted by the Meta-owned Instagram and Facebook, the option for allowing users to make posts attributed to two different users appears to be a growing trend.

Now, Twitter has announced it’s also testing out a joint post option. This was revealed last Thursday via the platform’s @TwitterCreate account, in which it said:

Called CoTweets, it appears that this new option works by one user creating a post, and then extending an invitation for their desired co-tweeter to CoTweet the post. That user can then choose to either accept or decline the request.

One of the greatest advantages this will offer to both general users and businesses alike is the potential to maximise a tweet’s reach, as the followers of both accounts will get to see the tweet in their feeds. For businesses, tweets could be co-posted with clients, staff members and any other relevant contacts.

At the moment, this feature is in testing, with it being available for a limited period of time in Korea, Canada and the US – but only to a select number of accounts. Twitter has said it will use this testing period to gain more insight into how people and businesses may use a feature of this type.

However, if it proves to be a success, it likely won’t be long before CoTweets are available to all accounts everywhere, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on – particularly if you use Twitter for your business.

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