Twitter takes off 140-character cap

Posted on August 17, 2015


In a bid to catch up to its rivals, social networking platform Twitter has removed its famous 140 character limit for its direct messaging service.

The network is believed to have taken this action in order to allow its users to “express themselves” by typing out messages as long as they desire. However, some observers comment that there may be one or two hidden agendas for the network, which may be trying to bridge the gap to the messaging services of rivals such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

The removal of the character limit will mean that users can send messages to each other without having to worry about committing any grammar-related crimes enforced by text speak. The update allows messages of up to 10,000 characters, or roughly 2,000 words, to be sent. The product manager of the direct messaging service, Sachin Agarwal, has revealed that this is one of the most requested features proposed by users of the platform.

For a long time, the direct messaging service of the platform has seemed more like an afterthought to users, who have regularly found issues with many parts of the service, including unreliable notifications.

The social network is seeking new ways in which it can attract more users to the site. It currently has around 300 million users, in comparison to the user base of 1.4 billion for Facebook.

Twitter chiefs have explained that the network has no intentions to lift the character limit on its regular news feeds.

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