Twitter set to update direct messaging service

Twitter set to update direct messaging service

Online networking giant Twitter has revealed intentions to update the direct messaging section of its service, giving it a much-needed improvement.

The update was announced on the social platform via the service’s Twitter Support account, outlining that users can expect to see changes over the coming weeks. The company confirmed that users will be able to view their entire direct messaging history on mobile versions of the site, as opposed to current limited access where only the last few conversations are visible.

Following this, the firm declared that as part of the upgrade, mobile users will notice changes regarding deleted messages. It is working on alterations that will ensure that deleted messages are synchronised across all devices. Currently, users find that they can delete a message or conversation on smartphones, but discover that it has not been erased from versions on other handheld devices, such as tablets, or the browser, which has irritated some users.

These changes finally suggest that the social network is making more of an effort with its private messaging functions, rather than having them as a secondary feature regarded as an afterthought.

Should the company use its resources wisely and transform its direct messaging service into a more prominent one, it could find itself in possession of a tool that could take on rivals such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, thus utilising it in an internet marketing strategy to give Twitter the upper-hand.

Online news providers suggest that the company is also investigating the prospect of a group messaging service, or its own standalone software similar to Facebook’s Messenger app.

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