Twitter set to test ‘favourite people’ timeline

Twitter set to test ‘favourite people’ timeline

Social networking site Twitter is expected to create an additional timeline that will be dedicated to showing the tweets from a user’s list of ‘favourite people’.

Online news providers have suggested that this feature is currently being tested on the site’s alpha app for Android, which it will be using to examine and trial changes before it is moved on to a secondary test app and finally, passed on to the general public.

The Android app will place the timeline on the menu located at the top of the page alongside the familiar functions Home, Discover and Activity. The feature will offer users an easier way to access tweets from their favourite accounts than the current system, which involves the creation of custom lists.

It is believed that the Favourite People section will recommend that users choose their top tweeters by adding them to the list of accounts they follow and ‘favouriting’ them by pressing the star icon next to the account name, in a similar fashion to favouriting individual tweets.

The online firm will also give the option for users to receive notifications when tweets are sent from accounts that are marked as favourite people. It has been revealed that this new aspect of the site is in the early stages of development, and that the public should not expect it to make an appearance any time soon. It is not unusual for the company to rigorously test potential new elements before deciding that it will not pursue them further.

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