Twitter revamps user security to include SMS

Twitter revamps user security to include SMS

Popular social platform Twitter has revealed to online news providers that it will introduce new features to its security protocols, making the resetting of passwords and other security measures simpler.

Users now have the ability to interlink their mobile phone number with their account by verifying it online, enabling the option of receiving an SMS message containing a unique code when changing or resetting passwords – as opposed to the standard email method.

The function has been designed in such a way that the code – which is six digits long – would expire after 15 minutes of the request. After this point, a new one would need to be issued.

Not only is Twitter enhancing its security features; it is becoming more attentive to potentially dubious log-in activity. The world’s second most popular social site has revealed that it will consider variables such as the device used, location, and historical log-in details. If it finds that there is a cause for concern, the user will be asked to verify their identity, with the account’s registered user receiving an email notification detailing potential suspicious activity detected by the site.

In a post on the company’s blog, Mollie Vandor, Twitter’s product manager, explained some of the reasons behind the security enhancement.

She said:

“Your Twitter account is important to you, and your account security is important to us. We will continue to work on bolstering Twitter account security so you can keep enjoying Twitter safely.”

This security update is just one of a string of changes implemented by the micro-blogging site recently, one of which included an aesthetic redesign of users’ profile pages.

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