Twitter releases subscriber-only audio rooms

Twitter releases subscriber-only audio rooms

Twitter has announced its rolling out the latest of a whole host monetisation options it has introduced over the past year or so, with the newest option being Spaces limited to Super Followers.

Spaces is Twitter’s own version of the audio room platform Clubhouse – which, coincidentally, has considerably diminished in popularity since Twitter’s offering came onto the scene. Super Followers is the name given to those who subscribe to a particular account to unlock subscription-only content, a feature released last September.

Now, Twitter is merging the two offerings to create Super Follower-only Spaces. While those who aren’t Super Followers will still be able to see when a creator is broadcasting on a subscriber-only Space, they will need to become a Super Follower themselves in order to access it. Broadcasts will be marked as ‘Super Followers only’ at the top, and will have a different colour scheme to regular broadcasts.

Restricted broadcasts on Spaces could entice regular followers to become Super Followers, especially as they’ll be able to see what they could get out of subscribing and who else is tuning in, which could play into people’s ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out).

This new feature has been tested out with a select number of users, but the social media giant is rolling out the feature to all as of this week. Those who subscribe on Android and iOS devices will be able to both join in on subscriber-only Spaces and request to speak in them, while those who tune in on a web browser won’t be able to speak, instead just joining and listening in.

The introduction of yet another monetisation offering by Twitter is one more tool creators and businesspeople can use to make money on the web. If you need assistance with turning the internet into a source of revenue for your business, we’re here to help at Engage Web – get in touch today to learn more.

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