Twitter purchases social data company Gnip

Twitter purchases social data company Gnip

Networking site Twitter has recently announced that it has finalised a deal to acquire social data firm Gnip for an undisclosed fee.

Colorado-based Gnip works closely with the microblogging service and its ‘Firehose’ system – the name given to the database of every tweet sent. It is one of just four companies to have access to this stream, and uses it to derive insights and a deeper analysis of tweets on behalf of companies in industries such as marketing and PR.

One of Twitter’s rivals, Apple, purchased one of the other companies that have access to the Firehose service, Topsy, in December 2013. This has led to speculation that the acquisition is a defensive move from the social platform to have a Firehose company based in-house.

Jana Messerschmidt, the vice president of global platforms at Twitter, explained in the company’s blog:

“Gnip has played a crucial role in collecting and digesting our public data and delivering the most essential tweets to partners.”

The chief executive of Gnip, Chris Moody, has welcomed the deal by stating that:

“[…] we’ll be able to support a broader set of use cases across a diverse set of users.”

This is the latest acquisition that the social media giant has made, following the recent purchase of two social TV enterprises. This would suggest that Twitter is putting a lot of effort into its internet marketing strategies, ensuring that it stays ahead of the competition in data analysis and real-time communication with the hope of strengthening its profile in the second-screen market.

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