Twitter premieres new Michael Jackson video

Twitter premieres new Michael Jackson video

Social networking site Twitter was selected by Epic Records to premiere the music video for Michael Jackson’s latest single.

The song, entitled ‘A Place with No Name’, has been taken from an album featuring previously unreleased records from Jackson between the years 1983 and 1999. The album is already on sale to the public and topped the UK music charts in May.

In order to promote the video release, the social network created a map detailing the pop artist’s top-tweeted hits in different countries across the globe.

This event comes at a busy time for the social platform, which has also recently announced to online news providers that its goal is to provide its users with “more video” on their timelines. As part of this strategy, it plans to offer businesses and advertisers the opportunity to place video ads into newsfeeds. The company plans to generate revenue by charging these companies for ‘promoted’ slots in a similar fashion to its main rival, Facebook.

The advertising comes as the latest segment of the site’s experiments with video, which began in 2012 when it first allowed its users to embed links to YouTube videos into their tweets. This was backed up in 2013 with the launch of the Vine app – which is designed to allow users to create short videos that play on a continuous loop – also to be embedded on the networking site.

Both Facebook and Twitter have identified the fact that video ads can provide them with large amounts of revenue, and are now battling each other to integrate clips into their internet marketing strategies.

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