Is Twitter planning to introduce a long-awaited new feature?

Posted on January 5, 2017


Microblogging site Twitter may be about to bring in a feature that thousands of users have been eagerly anticipating.

There is nothing more annoying than sending out a really good tweet, getting some much-needed interaction and then realising that you have made a spelling mistake. Currently, if you are to fall foul of a spelling or grammatical error, you are forced to make the agonising decision of whether to leave it there with all of the interaction intact, or delete and re-write the tweet and lose any previous interaction.

Well, Twitter may actually be in the middle of implementing an edit button so that this problem can be left back in 2016 with many other crazes, fads and features that we no longer need, such as the Mannequin Challenge, fake news on Facebook and Honey G.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has already said that the introduction of an edit button is perhaps the most requested feature on the social network, but has hinted that it could be time to introduce one. He replied to a couple of tweets suggesting the feature, stating that “A form of edit is def needed” and revealing that the company is seriously considering it.

Twitter users have had a thirst for an edit button ever since social networking rival Facebook introduced one, allowing its users to quickly and easily edit and alter their status updates if they notice an error or just have a desire to make a change.

With Twitter, it has come to a point now that when a new feature is announced that isn’t the edit button, users will fire a barrage of question at the company about the introduction of feature they don’t want instead of the one they are looking for.

One of the reasons why this feature is taking so long to be introduced is because the company is still coming up with ideas for the best way to implement it. According to Dorsey, allowing users to quickly change a spelling mistake for a small period after the tweet has been sent would be a lot easier than updating the site to allow a user to make changes at any time – something he says would require a log of changes in order to keep track of what has been said so that people cannot deny or change tweets after they have been quoted or retweeted.

Twitter users will have to continue to watch their spelling and grammar for the time being, but maybe 2017 is the year the company introduces that feature that so many have been longing for.

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