Twitter launches mobile advertising

Twitter launches mobile advertising

Social networking site Twitter is the latest internet platform to introduce advertising to its mobile services, which sees it follow in the footsteps of other online giants Facebook, Google and YouTube.

This latest development will see the company promote other apps and services in a way that appears to users as a regular tweet within their newsfeeds. These tweets will embed links to online app stores including iTunes and Google Play Store where users can purchase and download other apps. It has been designed in this way in order for promoters and advertisers to easily redirect consumers to the online stores and begin the downloading process.

However, although these adverts will be automatically redirecting users, ultimately, they will still be given the final say as to whether they purchase the app, as this feature does not permit automatic downloads and payments. The social networking site is also set to receive payment with any resulting downloads.

This move will see ads installed into devices that have the mobile version of the networking site run via Android or iOS, but the company has announced that it has no intentions of expanding this to Blackberry or Windows devices. This service has been seen prior to its global launch, but has been in a testing phase since April this year.

The company has introduced this method of promotion as an internet marketing strategy to remain competitive against its rivals. Facebook has reported an increase business in its mobile app branch of the firm, with Twitter also wishing to reap similar rewards.

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