Twitter introduces new mobile sharing features

Twitter introduces new mobile sharing features

As part of an effort to make it easier for company marketers to better manage the delivery of social content, Twitter has brought in a number of new sharing features for the site’s mobile platform.

Users on Twitter are now faced with fewer steps when uploading images, and marketers can now share images of products, events or services in just a few seconds.

Account holders are also given full previews rather than a thumbnail of an image. This means marketers can now more easily ascertain whether or not an image is worth sharing with their base of followers.

The new features also allow marketers to either remove or add location data straight to the Tweet box.

Visuals when moving between multiple accounts have also been improved. Account holders can now see the avatar profile images and usernames of their various accounts, tapping on the handle with which they want to publish a Tweet. This means fewer errors may be made when Tweeting across different accounts, and marketers are presented with a clearer picture – prior to Tweeting – of how a Tweet will appear when it is published.

It is believed that the updates will smooth out the process, for marketers, of delivering content to users. This year’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report, published in May, found that up to 80% of marketers are using Twitter to nurture leads and engage with customers; as a consequence, industry analysts believe that failure to tap into the benefits offered by Twitter’s latest updates could see online news providers missing opportunities to drive site traffic and improve their website conversions.

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