Twitter experiments with embedded tweets

Twitter experiments with embedded tweets

Social networking website Twitter is currently testing out a new feature on its iOS and Android platforms that enables users to embed tweets within their own.

To access this tool, users must enter the link of the tweet they wish to embed into the post composition box. From here, the individual tweet needs to be clicked in order for it to be seen. When posted to the site, embedded content will appear below a user’s in news feeds rather than displaying an untidy-looking URL link.

Although this feature is not available on web versions of the site, this new tool could be considered to be an alternative to quoting other accounts’ tweets or even for retweeting itself.

There are a number of reasons for this feature to be successful, with the main argument being that it is a valid way of redesigning and cleaning up retweets. Sometimes, users have to manually copy a tweet into their own and insert the letters ‘RT’ at the beginning to signify that it is a retweet. Embedding would make it easier for users to do this and still have room to add something of their own.

It remains to be seen if the social platform will keep the tool in place, as it often trials a number of new features within a selection of its apps before rolling them out for all platforms; often, the site scraps those that do not appear to bring anything useful to its services.

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