Twitter CEO’s wife tweets through child birth

Twitter CEO’s wife tweets through child birth

Some women are so devoted to their husbands that they’ll go to any lengths to help further their career, promote them and business ventures, and massage their egos. Sara Morishige Williams has gone above and beyond what any normal wife would be expected to do as she used her husband’s invention, Twitter, to tweet through the birth of their child.

Her husband, and now a devoted dad, Evan Williams, is the co-founder of Twitter. While his wife was going into labour, she used her iPhone to tweet her experiences, from the water breaking through to the epidural… ouch. It was only at the point of birth that Evan took over the important tweeting responsibilities to announce the birth of their son.

Sara’s first tweets read:

It wasn’t like Charlotte in Sex and the City.

Now timing contractions on an iPhone app.

Her tweets then continued right through labour as the pain became stronger. She even tweeted that she would be having an epidural.

Just before the birth of the baby, she posted her last tweet:

The heartbeat monitor soothes the silence of a room that will shortly be anything but silent.

Finally Evan took over and announced the news that all of her followers were waiting for:


@sara gave birth to a perfect baby boy. Both are well. 8 pounds, 21 inches! Smiles all round.

How many wives would go that far for their husbands?

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