Twitter cash campaign reaches Britain

Twitter cash campaign reaches Britain

An anonymous account on social networking site Twitter has been hiding envelopes filled with money across the country and tweeting cryptic clues to its followers.

This trend started out in the USA, where a mystery benefactor hid a series of envelopes – each containing one hundred dollar bills – and tweeted hints of their whereabouts for people to find them. This goodwill gesture saw the mystery donor give away thousands of dollars in the San Francisco Bay area. Their identity remains unknown, but it is believed that they are involved in the property industry and felt bad with regards to the financial gaps between residents in the American city.

This crusade has now come to British shores; a Twitter account identified as @HiddenCash_UK was created at the end of May, distributing clues that have led to four people finding envelopes containing £50 in Sheffield, Brighton, Manchester and Leeds.

The account tweeted that this is a social experiment with the purpose of helping strangers. On its profile description, the operator encourages followers to keep their eyes peeled for clues, referring them to use #cashtag in their tweets.

The mystery donor from the UK – a male in his mid-twenties who found his wealth in e-commerce – has told online news providers that he saw the American version and liked the idea of giving back to the public, before adding that envelopes could potentially conceal up to £200, and that there will be another series of ‘cash drops’ in the upcoming days, which will include one in London.

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