Twitter announces group DMs

    Posted on January 29, 2015


    On Tuesday, microblogging site Twitter launched two new features aimed at improving user experience on the platform.

    Firstly, members will now be able to send direct messages (DMs) to groups of people, rather than just individuals. With such a feature proving popular on other social sites already, this could help to retain users on the service.

    Secondly, a new video sharing application will allow members to post 30-second films to their account’s news feed. As Twitter-owned Vine only lets people create multimedia content that is six seconds long, this will be seen as a way to cater to those who want to say a little more on the site that values brevity.

    Twitterers will also be able to use this feature to film and edit video, which can be shot in multiple segments and then moved around to fit the movie that they are trying to create. This means that the user would not have to leave Twitter to create such content, which would allow the social site to garner more traffic.

    Unlike on other social networks, such as Facebook, native Twitter videos will not play automatically in news feeds, but will require the member to select them. They can then watch the multimedia content in the news stream or in full-screen mode.

    According to a blog post from the company’s product director, Jinen Kamdar, the video sharing feature has been designed to create content after only a few button clicks, allowing users to make the most of the events happening around them.

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