Twitter – think twice before tweeting

Twitter – think twice before tweeting

The recent death of Amy Winehouse was the source of a lot of tweets, most notably those from celebrity friends and admirers. In amongst the throng was top-rated tweeter Ashton Kutcher, whose condolence tweet was a little sub-par to say the least, in some people’s opinion.

Kutcher, who has drawn a huge fan base with his honest approach to Twitter, showed a remarkable lack of gauging public opinion, although noting that it was difficult to know what to say at such a sad time, Kutcher followed up his initial message of condolence with ‘Just seems lk anything funny is inappropriate,’ finishing off with ‘mayB Ill just go C Harry Potter.’

It’s possible Kutcher’s message was a carefully studied satire of the shallowness of celebrity, although the star of ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ is not noted for dry wit. What is more likely is that, like many, Kutcher got caught up in the heat of the moment and ended up tweeting something that made him sound like a bit of an idiot.

The tweet is unlikely to damage Kutcher’s reputation, but similar situations have utterly under-mined business Twitter campaigns. Each new instance is a reminder that, when tweeting for your search engine optimisation or internet marketing plans, things can go terribly wrong. Tweet writing is just as important as any of your other SEO jobs, despite the increased time pressure to remain in real time.

It’s easy to underestimate Twitter. The 140 characters you get just don’t seem like SEO content. They have just as much impact, however. Think before you tweet.

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