Tweetping: a great example of a real time infographic

Posted on October 4, 2013


Tweetping is a web app – or real time infographic – which shows tweets marked, based on their location, with small white dots on a world map.

Each tweet in a certain area adds to its white dot mark, turning it into a small glowing area. Over time, this begins to form patterns to show the tool’s users which regions are home to the most prolific tweeters.

This is a fantastic example of a live action infographic. It shows the plethora of information available to developers and demonstrates an intuitive use of the twitter API, with the main technologies used being Node, socketIO, Processing.js and Backbone.js.

In the case of Tweetping, the primary use of these libraries is to handle the massive load of connections and information the graphic is collecting, ensuring each adjustment to the graphic is as efficient as possible.

This is an incredibly technical example of a real time infographic but it shows what can be achieved with access to the right information and technologies. A simpler example could chart the results of an online quiz or poll, or even sales of one item against another in an online store. These features could be displayed on the homepage of a website, adding a new sense of life to an online presence – inviting users to interact and have their own effect.

Tweetping is the idea of Franck Ernewein. Other examples of his work, including his use of the aforementioned libraries, can be found here.

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