Traditional networking: still crucial in the digital age

Traditional networking: still crucial in the digital age

In this digital and technology-led world, the ancient techniques of actually talking to people and getting to know them face-to-face still work wonders.

Being constantly bombarded with emails, status updates and tweets can be quite irritating, leaving the already-busy worker to trawl through countless forms of correspondence. However, if people go out and directly meet the people they are hoping to target, the point is directly being addressed and the beginnings of a business-relationship have hopefully started.

Networking provides the most productive and proficient way to build rapport. There is the opportunity to develop lasting relationships and the positives of networking are clear to see.

Organised get-togethers in particular provide openings for business leaders to establish contacts within the desired sector, and to create a community of people who are able to provide support to one another.

Employees and companies can discover new developments within their chosen field, new tools, processes, products and services. It also provides an opportunity to listen to other working methods and gain insight into a variety of working styles from diverse working sectors.

It is far easier to create a lasting impression on somebody by talking to them in person than it is by sending an email. Just as vital, however, is staying in touch, and ultimately following up on the meetings and connections made.

There is no better introduction, particularly in business, than a face-to-face introduction. It is the perfect opportunity to present ideas and get a company or brand to the forefront of people’s minds.

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