Tories’ slip-up reveals perils of online writing

Tories’ slip-up reveals perils of online writing

A recent poll has revealed that most Conservative party voters do not think that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is in touch with regular people on the street.

The news comes just days after the Tories ‘Beer and Bingo’ Budget online ad debacle.

This plainly shows the dangers involved in online writing, highlighting why many organisations and companies are increasingly using professional search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting services.

According to the survey commissioned by BuzzFeed, just 28% of Tory voters said that Cameron understood normal living. On a wider scale, just 14% of the 1,900 respondents to the poll shared the same view.

It is not clear how the online advert about the tax reductions to bingo and beer affected the poll, but, with such an outcry at the time, it is likely to have had some influence.

It was heavily criticised by Labour, with shadow chancellor Ed Balls saying that it was:

“…clumsy and ham-fisted…”

It also received a side swipe from the Tories’ government cohorts, with the Liberal Democrats’ Treasury Secretary admitting that he thought it was a spoof. Danny Alexander continued to say that the internet advertising was “rather patronising”.

The advert was tweeted shortly after the Budget by the chairman of the Conservative party, Grant Shapps. Already much maligned by the press, his posting did not take long to hit the newsfeeds.

The YouGov survey also found that Labour leader Ed Miliband was thought to be the most in touch with ‘normal people’, with 31%. Ukip’s Nigel Farage came second on 30%, whilst Nick Clegg trailed in fourth on just 16%.

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