Top graduates in English don’t know how to spell

Top graduates in English don’t know how to spell

Many students complete their education, up to and including University, and graduate with top marks. However, it is sometimes the case that these students do not know how to spell correctly and have little understanding of English grammar. The use of alternative spellings for a word can produce different meanings. For instance, ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ all have different meanings and incorrect usage could alter the understanding of text.

It is often the case that a writer will create an outstanding piece of work, either as part of their studies or for a client, only to quickly skim over the work and press the spellchecker. It is so easy to read your own work and not pick up on obvious errors, and spellchecker can’t understand the context of a sentence and therefore, will not know which version of a word is required.

For anyone who wants to see just how bad the situation is, logging on to Facebook gives a pretty good idea, with grammatical and spelling errors and typing mistakes a common sight. Teachers at school have so much to teach, that spelling and grammar frequently go unchecked, resulting in the students never learning how to write correctly.

An online business that uses article writing as part of their search engine optimisation strategy will want to appear knowledgeable and professional in their chosen field. Very often, the articles aren’t proof read correctly, resulting in many errors. Outsourcing to an article writing service will ensure that all work is proofread by an editor. A professional writer will have a grasp of the English language which will result in perfectly written articles every time.

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