Top 10 benefits of content marketing

Posted on March 14, 2016


Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing is unlikely to boost short-term business performance, so is often ignored by businesses. This is a foolish move though, as content marketing has some distinct advantages that shouldn’t be ignored. Here are 10 of them:

1. Cheaper than traditional marketing

The costs of content marketing are limited to creating the content itself. Even if you commission a freelancer or a news writing service, the ongoing costs are relatively low when compared to direct marketing methods such as advertising and cold calling. While you may not see initial returns in the first few months, the returns after that should only increase over time.

2. Suitable for any industry

While it may not always be immediately obvious, any industry can benefit from some form of content marketing, even if the aim is just to improve consumers’ perceptions of the industry.

3. More website content

With more content on your website, visitors are more inclined to browse beyond the landing page. The longer your visitors remain on your website, the more familiar they become with your brand, possibly leading to an eventual purchasing decision.

4. Improved search engine visibility

Hosting more website content also increases your visibility to search engines. Each new page gives search engines like Google something new to index, which might then be matched with users’ web searches. This is especially effective if you focus on topics and keywords that are popular with your target audience.

5. Increased authority for your website domain

A growing base of valuable, high-quality content helps to increase the perceived authority of your website domain. This is especially true if external sources link to your content. This will only happen when your news feed is of a high enough quality, so be sure to consider this when selecting your news content provider.

6. Improved brand awareness and reputation

When people find your content to be useful or informative, it helps to increase the reputation of your brand. This is further reinforced when people see external sources referring to your content.

7. Form closer relationships with customers

In addition to increasing the size of your target audience, good content also helps to forge closer customer relationships. If you become the primary source of information for a customer, that customer is far more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

8. Gain traffic through guest posts

If you commit the resources to guest publishing through external websites, you can benefit from links back to your own website. If you publish on respected and popular websites, you may attract many parts of your target audience that you would otherwise never reach.

9. More social followers

Distributing great content through social media enables people to share it with their friends. As more people see and appreciate your content, you build up your brand’s following on social media.

10. More conversion potential

While your content needs to inform and entertain, it can still lead to increased sales. The better your target audience understands your products or services and the benefits they can bring, the more likely they are to make a purchase.


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