Tinder-style app developed to assist business networkers

Tinder-style app developed to assist business networkers

A new mobile application that is designed for business professionals has been developed using a hit dating app as a model interface.

Weave allows its users to access its services using their LinkedIn profiles and login credentials, which authorises them to search for nearby business professionals. It will then display the results in a similar fashion to Tinder, with the user then able to swipe ‘no’ to dismiss a particular result or ‘yes’ to register their interest, enabling messaging to arrange meetings and discuss business.

Tinder, a dating app with other social media functions, has taken the world by storm with its swipe features. Its service matches users with local singles and allows them to swipe left to move on or swipe right to match and chat, a concept that has proved to be quite popular and has seen many different apps, including Weave, adopt this interface.

The new business-orientated service is aimed at corporate professionals who wish to network and are willing to meet face-to-face. The app is available for download on Android and iOS devices, and was launched in January of this year. According to its creators, it has approximately 100 networkers per day arranging business activities through the service.

Brian Ma, the CEO and founder of Weave, has pointed out to online news providers that:

“Location is a key factor in people meeting in-person.”

The idea behind this service is to highlight to people that other business professionals can be close enough to arrange a business meeting, which can often be more successful than a string of exchanged emails.

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